NoThIng To HiDe:

Blue and Yellow artwork showing lonely people looking out the window

Imagine looking at a distant building and letting yourself travel with thoughts, wondering how it must feel to be a window telling the secrets of who is inside. 

You hear music blossoming, a fast minor arpeggio articulates, a downtempo dub vibration, a beat; the same piece evolves, with countless directions to follow, in new unpredictable ways.


“Nothing To Hide” embodies a clear statement: pursue all ideas and instincts. Never hold back!


Andrew Moreno (guitar), Daan Leever (bass&synth), and Andrea Carta worked together on several occasions and finally formed a band to explore their musical affinity more deeply. We may count Aphex Twin, Player 2 and Player 3 among the stylistic influences for their improvisations and compositions. 


In the last months, they recorded hours of music from in the studio which, after meticulous work of selection and post-production, decided to release on their upcoming and debut EP called: ‘WIndoWs Part 1′. 

Line - Up:

Andrew Moreno: Guitar and Effects


Daan Leever: Bass & Synth


Andrea Carta: Drums 

Andrew Moreno tweaking pedals during a live performance
Daan Leever looking up while playing bass and synthetizers

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