Su Nichél

“Su Nichel is Red. Green. Yellow. Don’t think! Feel colours in your mind, paint what you hear!"

Su Nichel band laughing and about to take a bow at the end of the concert

Su Nichél is a collective founded by Dean Montanaro and Andrea Carta, whose core motivation lies in making music that can remind people of the power of child-like wonder and imagination. 

The band aims for a distinct sound and their music is also rich of ethnic influences, from the vibrant, hectic syncopated beats of Andrea Carta, to the mellow, reminiscent melodies of Qualsevol Nit, a Spanish lullaby, or the 12/8 mantra that is Venolouma, an arrangement of an Aka People song.

Among their more well-known influences we may count the drummer Mark Guiliana, Swedish double- bass player Petter Eldh.Su Nichél were 2021-2022 semifinalists for the KvE Awards

In 2022 they performed at the “Breda Jazz Festival” and have been part of the “North Sea Round Town” for the 2021 and 2023 editions. 

Cosimo Gentili and Paul Van De Calseijde playing alto and tenor saxophone on stage, Dean Montanaro in the background

Line - Up:

Cosimo Gentili: Alto – Soprano Saxophone & Compositions


Paul Van De Calseijde: Tenor Saxophone


Miran Noh: Piano & Compositions


Dean Montanaro: Electric Bass, Effects & Compositions


Andrea Carta: Drums & Compositions

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Su Nichel band posing with bright coloured shirts and smiling