Black and White image of the SUPERPOSTHARDBOP posing and looking at the camera inside a carpentry
SUPERPOSTHARDBOP band looking at the camera posing for a picture inside a carpentry

Superposthardbop is a collective found by clarinet player and composer Massimiliano dosoli.

In 2019 they release three singles: California station, Traditional Norwegian Tango for Dead Bodies and Lido.

The same year they perform at the “Calagonone Jazz Festival” (IT) and take part to various international competitions reaching the semifinal of the Erasmus Jazz Prize (Rotterdam, NL, 2019)

Superposthardbop are now about to release their new EP, born out of the need to explore free live improvisation without breaks interrupting the musical flow!

Line - Up:

Massimiliano Dosoli: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Effects and Compositions

Beatrice Sberna: Vocals, Lyrics and Compositions

Andrea Leone: Tenor Sax

Jonathan Ho: Double Bass

Andrea Carta: Drums 

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