Live visuals on a screen representing pieces of coloured glass falling from the sky

VETRO is a collective of four musicians and a visual artist who aim to explore the atomic qualities of glass (Vetro in Italian) through an audiovisual medium.

The band takes advantage of visual artist Vincent Boon and bass, synth-player, and producer Daan Leever, who, thanks to their expertise, cleverly connect visuals and music utilizing MIDI language, making musical instruments and sounds trigger and influence visuals and visa versa. For example, a kick-drum may spark a specific light or colour, causing objects and shapes to appear and disappear at breakneck speed, while a saxophone’s long tone may instead shape slow and mellow watery backgrounds. Possibilities are infinite.

The idea of glass is of a world that we can mould, shatter and construct. The audiovisual story flows in three states: solid, liquid and transitioning state. The properties of glass, however, tell us that this material is an amorphous solid with the random atomic properties observed in a gas, another way of saying it is that “glass is a liquid that has never set”.
The ultimate question is, therefore, whether the glass is solid or liquid, and the answer is: Both—and neither!

There is always a certain ambiguity in improvised and composed art, an attempt to appear solidly consistent and shape compositions in the best possible manner. However, there will always be a certain degree of randomness and imperfection that ultimately surprises us, positively or negatively, while most of the time, being something in between.

VETRO wants to be and embrace this in-between state of arts, refusing to belong and restrict itself to a visual or musical medium, nor a composed and improvised one. It will get as close as it can get, leaving the audience be the judge, asking when did the performance begin and where did it end?

“Everything becomes and recurs eternally – escape is impossible! – Supposing we could judge value, what follows? The idea of recurrence as a selective principle, in the service of strength (and barbarism!!)…
To endure the idea of the recurrence one needs: freedom from morality; new means against the fact of pain ( pain conceived as a tool, as the father of pleasure…); the enjoyment of all kinds of uncertainty, experimentalism, as a counterweight to this extreme fatalism; abolition of the concept of necessity; abolition of the “will”; abolition of “knowledge-in-itself.”


The Will to Power, Nietzche, Walter K. Transl.


Line - Up:

Massimiliano Dosoli: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Effects.

Cosimo Gentili: Alto Sax, Effects

Daan Leever: Bass, Synths, Programming

Vincent Boon: Visuals

Andrea Carta: Drums 

VETRO band playing in live and looking at real time visuals on a screen projector

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Cosimo Gentili on a carpet playing glass bottles surrounded by bright lights


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